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      (a selection of my sound art work since 2000)


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Not yet documented:

  • cd: “ÖKO Planet”, Ricardo Huisman Bandcamp, Itunes etc.                       2016
  • realization, tactile sound sculpture installation, wearable sound objects for small children  (concept) for children with lanquage acquisition problems.
  • woollen art-i-fact” production: “woollen jewellery”, “(un)handy woollen bags”, “woollen sound jewellery” (blue tooth)
  • photo/collage works:  virtual blanket connection, virtual blanket skin serie,
  • “woollen gun” (un)handy bag for smart phone to use communication as so weapon against mental and poitical supression, getting in touch in a smart way.
  • soundscapes: “resonating night” intro, part two, inspired by the project of composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven, Resonance Night, Music Building Amsterdam (on soundcloud , silent-noise-production)
  • soundscapes and live impro sensescapes by dj Sensescape   2017 —                                                                  aka Ricardo Huisman,  
  • frog sensescape presentation at the pond of food forrest, Amsterdam North
  • presentations on webradio Framework, World Listening day 2017: aporee.org  soundmap.
  • presentation soundscape “dutch multi culture city carrilon” during Resonance and Remembrance: An Interdisciplinary Campanology Symposium, about bell sounds ,  University Michigan, USA.
  • soundscape: “sonic elevation”, inspired by the sounds of exhibition of Dutch concept artist Marinus Boezem in the Old Church of Amsterdam.
  • photo/collage works: virtual blankets animal serie: “wool hoppers” canvas,  (100 x 175 cm),  soundscape: “wool hoppers”.
  • membership Nieuw Geneco, Dutch contemporary composers, sound artists.
  • realization: “sense animal”, imaginary animal shaped             2017 –  2018      woollen sound sculpture (2 – 3 channel) with colour light effects for presenting (live) sensescapes of  dj Sensescape,  tangible soundscapes.
  • binaural live recording OHM, G5 performance of Mens, Gieskes, Hobijn at Sonic Acts, Stedelijk Museum, published on tinny cassette tape, Dinzu Artefacts, 2018
  • follow up artistic research project “the bone conductor” for sense (dis) abled: blind, sight disabled, deaf, hearing disabled people.
  • presentation “woollen sea sound sculpture” and live dj sensescape set  during the Electronic Extravaganza festival (by Steim and Monotak) at Splendor, Amsterdam

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