24 H “beautiful sounding exhibitions”

2014    “mooie ten-toon-stellingen”,“beautiful sounding exhibitions”  from Amsterdam live performed in. Outline gallery, 24 H  East Amsterdam               

                           imaginary soundwalk 24 min. through exhibitions in museums and galleries

A 24 minutes imaginary soundwalk  through sounding exhibition spaces in museums, galleries and media art institutes in Amsterdam, starting with entrance of (old) Stedelijk Museum in 2000, W139, East 66, Montevideo, Music Bulding IJ and more; with artists E. v.d. Heide, Arno Faber, Bosch and Simons, On Kawara and others, ending in the renewed building of the Stedelijk Museum with the exhibition of Mike Kelly.


The soundscape can be heard as a personal curated sound art exhibition, bridging a period of 14 years of sounds from past exhibitions spaces in Amsterdam, through the ears of the sound image artist Ricardo Huisman.




with selected recordings from the “mooie ten-toon-stellingen”- archive:

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rudi Fuchs, exhibtion Kurt Schwitters, 2000

Music Building IJ, Sounds from the IJ, “Dropper”, Arno Faber, 2008

(In)visble sounds exhibition, Montevideo, 2007

– Stedelijk Museum CS Amsterdam; “Deepscreen”, Edwin van der Heide, 2008

  Art City, NDSM, Amsterdam; “breathing of the city” exhibition, 2007

–  Beeld Hal Kunst, Amsterdam North, turning tactile sculptuur Zoro Feigl, 2010

–  66 East, Amsterdam East, about Sirenes and more.., 2007

  Huisman en Droog, Skybox, Amsterdam; “my cups of tea ceremony”, 2011

  Gaudeamus week, Music Building IJ, “krachtgever”, Bosch en Simons, 2007

–  Temporary Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, On Kawara, 2010

  the new Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Mike Kelley, 2013

and very short samples of:

  W 139, The good and the bad, politics etc., 2010

–  Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam performance Dirk Jan Jager, Paul Glazier, 2012

  De Appel, Zarina Bhimji, Dirk Breackman,2012


Since 2000 he is collecting his binaural recordings of soundwalks through exhibition spaces in different cities of Europe as part of the project:  “mooie ten-toon-stellingen”;  an ongoing project researching the personal listening as public visitor, sound artist, soundscape composer; archiving the experienced (sound) curation of the exhibition (including all the uncurated sounds) at a specific moment, rehearing, reinterpreting, relistening and sometimes recomposing and live performing.    (more info here: link)