“Music Space and Architecture”

Exhibition in ARCAM  (Architecture Centre Amsterdam)

2010  I presented the “super sonic sound scape shoes” with a collection of touch soundscape compositions in the context of the “Music Space Architecture”- exhibition in ARCAM:

Curator Lieselore Maes: “In these compositions architectural objects can be touched and imagined. They are not only heard but also felt with the entire body, creating the experience of an architectural walking tour while standing still. The “space” created by the physical experiences is referred to by the artist as “sound space”.

(published in the book: Music Space Architecture, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Architecure and Natura, 2012, page 110)

During the the two months of the exhibition I have gathered written reactions of an international public after they had experienced the “super sonic sound scape shoes” as part of my on going artistic research of   “the multi sensorial hearing pespective”. (read)


The “floating sound shoe scape” a relaxing and refreshing touch soundscape composition with harbour sounds, water, floating objects and musical instruments  was popular. It was perfectly fitting the view of the IJ harbour, outside the big glass windows. Beside that the visitor could also experience more architectural, imaginative or narrative sound spaces.

Besides the “super sonic sound scape shoes” there was a lot of interesting work to experience in the context of Music Space and Architecture: an old acoustic mirror, the “Side Scan Sonar” of Dirk van Lieshout, maquettes of the Philips Pavilion (Cobusier, Xenakis, Varese), the Helicopter String Quartet video of Stockhausen and work of Erik Blits, Cilia Erens, Jan Hoogstad, Jord den Hollander and work of students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.