rode wol

                Ricardo Huisman    aka    DJ SENSESCAPE

               sound image artist         

               soundscape composer   

              community sound artist

               independent artistic researcher

              art teacher

                                                          (more about me: bio)


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Here you can listen to more (project) sounds and soundscapes on

soundcloud:            “silent-noise-production” 

Released soundscape and sensescape albums you find on

Bandcamp:   “silent-noise-production”, Ricardo Huisman

                                                                                            or stream on Spotify, I tunes, etc.


On instagram my “woollen art-i-facts”: “virtual textiles”, “virtual woollen blankets” and more…  

Instagram:              “woollen art-i-fact”

Shop Digital Art Prints (selection of “virtual woollen blankets”) on 

                                       Ricardo Huisman pixels.com



Linkedin:          Linkedin page Ricardo Huisman


On      independent.academia.edu   find some  articles to download.


 I am member of:

               World Forum Acoustic Ecology (WFAE)
               World Listening Group / project
               Ambiances network
                    Sensory Studies network
               Aural Diversity network
               Nieuw Geneco (Dutch contemporary composers)


Thanks for your interest, hope to hear from you. Ricardo

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For all materials, content on this site:

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