“red woollen sound blanket connections”

2002    The “red woollen sound blanket connections” become part of the (sound) architecture; like shortcuts in the corners of the space outside or inside they are producing sounds of pumps, heartbeats and voices. Sounds are reflected by the walls and spread out in the space  (of the other). Presented as a temporarily “tactile sonic intervention” in the brick walled city surroundings or inside a (semi) public space, bringing some woollen touch sound in the streets where we live and work: connecting sounds, the soundscapes and people, the inhabitants of a neigbourhood; reflecting idea’s of John Cage about silence and noise, of Robert Morris about his notes on minimal sculpture, about sound architecture, etc. 

Later I have extended the installation with the “movable sound blanket objects”  “soundbridge” (more)  and   “soundtrack”

                                         red sound blanket connection 1

The sound blanket objects  “shortcut” 1, 2, 3  are connected to the walls, the “soundtrack” and “soundbridge” can be moved through the space(s). The “soundtrack” can be moved by woollen radiographical equipment, the “soundbridge” can be moved by hand. The public can sit or  lie down under the woollen  “soundbridge”, hearing and feeling the sounds close to the body. By moving the side segments of the “soundbridge” they can change their “multi sensorial hearing perspective”. 


   “shortcut 3”  

The sound blanket connections can be placed in several spaces to give the idea that the sound is moving from one space to the other space; like red woollen vanes they are pumping the sounds through the building. By walking around the sound blanket objects and moving through the spaces, by seeing, hearing and touching the woollen objects the public can experience a continues changing sensorial sound perspective. The soundscape compositions are looped in different time lengths.


                                                               “shortcut 1”  with boys from the neighbourhood


                                                             “shortcut 1”, soundscapes reflected in the corridor


The “red woollen sound blanket connections” – installation is presented  in:

  • 2002: Walter Maas Huis, Den Bilt with “excursion for eye, ear and hand” and children workshop: “touch sound and draw sound”
  • 2004: Sound lab of Intro Situ, Maastricht, performance project: “Red woollen sound objects meet single reed musical instruments” (read more) with musician Bart van der Putten, live mixing, impro “Sax Sound Scapes”  and  “Single Reed Sound Scape Journey”
  • 2005: Festival Dutch Electronic Music: “the Hidden Planet”, NDSM, Amsterdam
  • 2005: Sense festival (for deaf, hearing disabled and hearing people) Paradiso, Amsterdam: “soundbridge” and “short cut” listening.
  • 2006: Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, “Kinetic Enginering”, “live soundscape mixing through red woollen sound objects”