Ricardo Huisman bio

Ricardo Huisman  aka  DJ SENSESCAPE     (1960, Netherlands) is an Amsterdam-based sound image artist, soundscape composer, community sound artist and independent artistic researcher.

For several years he has been making installations with sound sculptures that can be experienced as “multi sensorial tactile interfaces”.

The so-called “touch-sound” produced by his “tactile sonic objects” includes composed soundscapes (or “sensescapes”) that reveal multiple associative dimensions, bodily sensations that could give rise to new spaces for imagination and knowledge. In a playful and experimental way, Huisman invites the visitors to interact within his art projects and to become co-creators of their own

                       “multi sensorial hearing perspectives”.  (more)

As part of his ongoing artistic research to the “multi sensorial hearing perspective” he is gathering reactions, interviews, stories of people after experiencing his inclusive interactive tactile sonic sculpture installations or taking part of the community sound art projects. In this way, he aims to rethink the ways we listen and act in our own sound habitat, including sonic heritage, reminiscences and narratives. He presents his multi sensory work for “different” abled people, like sight – or hearing disabled, asking them about their personal hearing experiences and special talents corresponding the ideas of “aural diversity” : “everybody hears different”. His art work has included presentations at art festivals, museums, interventions in public space, health care organizations, universities, artistic research and community sound art projects; collaborations with artists, musicians, poets, architects,  scientists and neighbours.

The “woollen sound pill as tactile sonic intervention”  essay was published in the book “Hearing Places”, University of Melbourne / Cambridge-press. He was asked to write this essay after visiting the inspiring international “Sonic Interventions” conference at the ASCA, Amsterdam in 2005. It was the starting point of his growing interest for the still developing “sound studies”.  As an autodidact he had presentations and artistic research presentations at international sound- and sense studies conferences, like the WFAE Global Composition Conferences in Darmstad D, 2012 and 2018, Uncommon Senses III and IV, the future of the senses, Concordia University, Canada 2021 and 2023, Aural Diversity Network presentations in 2022, 2023, University of Leicester, UK.

He is member of the Dutch organization for contemporary com posers Nieuw Geneco, the WFAE (World Forum of Acoustic Ecology), the World Listening Group, friend of NAISA (New Adventures In Sound Art), active following sound art and sense studies. Ambiance network, Sensory Studies network and the Aural Diversity network.

His “super sonic sound scape shoes” were presented at the ASCA (University of Amsterdam),  during the Deep Wireless festival and SoundAxis festival (NAISA, Toronto), at the ARCAM (Architecture Centre Amsterdam), Taxandria museum, Turnhout, Belgium among other places.

More tactile sound sculptures, interactive installations, artistic research projects, community sound art projects, inclusive art projects, (multichannel)soundscape and sensescape projects brows the website or visit the timeline. On my welcome page there are links to more soundscapes and sensescape albums on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, recent work on facebook, instagram, Digital Art Print Shop,  LinkedIn, articles.

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artist statement:

                       “we can be more aware of our being sound performers

                                                            and conductors in our own sound habitat”