Sound Taste of Laak project in Gemeentemuseum The Hague

2014  presentation  (Geluids)Smaak van Laak project,  Artmuseum The Hague

Presentation  of  the interactive tactile sonic  “bouw buis basis unit” – installation with a multi channel soundscapes of “the home, the street, the city” (inspired by the essay of Piet Mondrian, 1926)  during a special night for the inhabitants of Laak district.  The soundscape include sounds of the P. Mondrian exhibition space  mixed with the soundscapes and sound stories of people living in Spoorwijk, Laak district  about  their sound habitat.

Interactive sound map  projected with a beamer with headphones to listen to the sounds, soundscapes of Spoorwijk, Laak district. The public was able to zoom in on the sounds of the streets, the district.           Listen here

Portrait photographs of the inhabitants of Spoorwijk and headphones to listen to their about the sounds in their home, street and district.    Listen here  (Dutch spoken)


The presentation was just beside the exhibition of the Stijl and Piet Mondrian, the home, the street,  the city.


Information community  sound art  project:  (Geluids) Smaak van Laak / Sound Taste of Laak    here.


tactile sonic  “bouw buis basis unit”  waiting for connection …

searching and trying the right tubes to connect

helping each other

changing the soundscape spatialisation and creating listening spots

this is near the street where I live, listen to the soundscape 

discussiing the soundscapes of the street, Spoorwijk, Laak district

into the restaurant and a nice listening spot

listen to the sounds and stories of their home and their street

children having fun using their own voice adding to the soundscapes

building together, connecting tube of different lenghts and diameter causing different resonating sound colours

did you listen to Karim and Jason about the sounds in the Thijssestraat?

With thanks to the  Gemeentemuseum Den Haag  and  Laaktheater.