“woollen sea sound sculpture” and “super sonic sound scape shoes” for young children and parents

Other tactile sound sculpture installations at the Babelut festival

Beside the “babble and touch”- installation I also presented the tactile sound sculptures: “woollen sea sound sculpture” and “super sonic sound scape shoes” at the Babelut festival in Neerpelt, Belgium.

“woollen sea sound sculpture” – installation

The “woollen sea sound sculpture” was presented with touch-soundscapes of the underwater sound habitat of the North sea and Ocean. Little children and their parents could hear and feel the sounds of animals, fishes and ships in North sea and ocean…. seals, whales, little dolphins, herrings, cod fish, porpoise, etc. as a playful introduction to the underwater sound habitat of the North sea and Ocean.

The “woollen sea sound sculpture” produces a four channel touch-soundscape with “head” and “tale”, while the child with parent could sit in the middle on the back of the imaginary woollen sea creature and getting bodily emerged by the sea soundscapes.   The installation was presented in  2013

on the Mute Sounds kids festival for deaf, hearing disabled and hearing children with their parents. 


“super sonic sound scape shoes” – installation

The “super sonic sound scape shoes”  presented with touch-soundscapes:

“sound storm coming up” (presented 2011 in the Taxandria museum, the cultural heritage museum of the Kempen region at the Belgium children art festival: “Storm op komst” with soundscapes from the Kempen region. (sonic heritage) By standing in the “super sonic sound scape shoes” children and their (grant)parents could hear feel the sound vibrations in different nuances running through their body, with frequencies from toe to the top of the head while getting emerged by the soundscape: walking like a farmer through his barns, feeding the sheep, listening to the local birds of the Kempen, etc. 

                    children and (grant) parents enjoying  the “super sonic sound scape shoes”  at  Musica BE, Neerpelt

more information about the   “super sonic sound scape shoes”   here.