“the oracle poetry project”

2008  During the “Poetry in the Park” festival, Amsterdam Wereld Boeken Stad, there was poetry bubbling out of the Oracle: my own sound tube poem: “Brak” combined with live oracle poetry.

the Oracle Poetry project:

After the festival I asked poets from the Amsterdam North district  (with help of Floor Buschenhenke ) for their poetry about the park and Amsterdam North. It was the start of the Oracle Poetry project.

I recorded the poems of: Wilma van de Akker, Joost Baars, Thomas Möhlmann, Ibrahim Selman and Simon Vinkenoog and composed poetry soundscapes for the Oracle. Ibrahim Selman wrote a new poem “the park” for the project. For the poems of Simon Vinkenoog I could use recordings of a presentation at the Noorderparkamer in the park together with Saartje van Kamp, which I remixed for the Oracle. (in memoriam Simon Vinkenoog, who past away in juli 2009).


A selection of the oracle poetry compositions was published in the Dutch art and literature-web-zine: “blue turns grey”.  

You could listen to poetry soundscapes of  Joost Baars, Thomas Möhlmann and Wilma van de Akker.