“the soundscape selector”

2014                                 “the soundscape selector”

A playful instrument for rendering artistic research about the soundscape, “selective listening”, the hearing perspective, sound location, sense combination, sense integration, sense (dis)abilities,  privat – and  public sound space, sound habitat,….

for performing  a   soundwalk,  sound sit,  sound talk  ….

The soundscape selector can be experienced in the public space with the help of guide who is leading the “soundscape selector walk” hand in hand. After the walk the soundscape selector walker fills in a questionaire and discusses the answers with the persons who was guiding, exchanging experiences, thoughts and adding new questions if necessary. It is also possible to do a guided sound sit: the sound selector walker is guided to a chair standing in the public space (inside or outside), etc


                “soundscape selector”      artistic research-project





How did you experience the “soundscape selector walk”?

How did you experience the selected soundscape?

Did you hear sounds that you normally not would have noticed?

Was it difficult or easy to localize the sounds?

Was it possible to judge the right distance of the heard sounds?

Did you feel disorientated?

Was your attention focused on: a. the heard soundscape?   b. the bodily sensations:   walking, contact with the ground, contact with your companion?   c. on both?   d. different? 

Did you concentrate on the heard sounds in the here and now or did the heard sounds trigger sound memories of known sounds or situations?

Was it difficult to interpret the heard sounds and to create a sound-image of the heard?

Do you think the experience with the “soundscape  selector” can make you more conscious of the surrounding sounds?  In what way?

   Thanks for your contribution to the “soundscape selector” artistic research-project.



Go to an example use of  “the soundscape selector” in art education project, 2023              (and scroll down for the pictures)