“timeshift” (building ambience)

2004, 2005  During the building of the new Music Building at the IJ in the harbours of Amsterdam  I did  a lot of soundwalks through the transforming new building and building site  (from feb. 2004 – jan. 2005)  rendering binaural soundscape recordings  of the slowly enclosing Music building with its spaces for practise, performance, presentation, corridors, atrium, offices and auditorium. Taking pictures of the of the continual changing building site with the equipment and “residual installations” of the builders as “silent”  still lifes.

                               RHuisman,  recording silent noises

At the start the new buidling site was still open and the building soundscapes continual mixed with  the sounds from outside, the harbour, the trains and cars from the Central railway station near by. During the year the building and its spaces were slowly closed, locking the sounds from outside, absorbing the sounds inside, slowly developing its unique acoustical and musical character…. but still regular interrupted by the sounds of the builders and their machinery.

2004  Soundscape compositions of the sound walk material  presented in the Veemvloer galerie during the Ars Acoustica, CEM festival (Centre Electronic Music), spatialised as two “projected” continual changing sound spaces.

2005  The soundscape composition “sonore” (building ambience) together with soundscapes of other CEM members was presented in ARCAM (Architecture Centre Amsterdam).

2005  The soundscape compositions “timeshift” (building ambience) as sound image walk for the public atrium of the new Music Building, together with a booklet of pictures made during the building of the atrium. (proposal) After the official opening of the Music Building the public can do the sound image walk: while looking to the pictures and listening to the composition with half open headphones (to create a mixture of the real and composed soundscape); stepping back in time and experiencing different kinds of  building musicality.