tone-statements of the exhibition space

                          toonstellingen van de tentoonstellingsruimte

2000     sonic intervention with tone-statements of the exhibition space:  (translated from Dutch; the Dutch word “tentoonstelling” (exhibition) containing the words “toon” = tone and “stellingen” =  statements)  first presented  as part of the sonic intervention: “toonstellingen van de ruimten”, tone statements of the spaces with sounds of museums and galleries in the centre of Amsterdam during an exhibition of a friend in the same region. I also presented papers with tone statements to trigger more discussions about the sounds in the gallery.   It indicated the beginning of the still ongoing research project:  

          “mooie ten-toon-stellingen”, “beautiful sounding exhibitions”,                      

                    collecting binaural soundwalks through art institutes in Europe. (more info).


The experiencing of (modern)art is strongly influenced by the acoustics of the exhibition space and the sounds present whether or not caused by the public it self.

The meaning of the exhibited work is strongly influenced by the acoustics and the surrounding sounds of the exhibition space.

By changing, influencing the surrounding sounds and acoustics of the exhibition space the meaning of the exhibited works will change.

There is a clear relation between exhibiting an art work and the tones displayed around the exhibited art work.

A sound artwork has a clear relation with the exhibition space and the surrounding sounds present.

An exhibition space is like a tympanum, a resonance box for the exhibited (sound) artworks.

The corridor between two exhibition spaces is like a hearing canal, a passage from the exhibited and the tones displayed.

The acoustics of the exhibition space is strongly influencing the way you feel at home with the exhibited works of art.

A sound artwork that is producing homey sounds or is surrounded with homey sounds strongly contributes to feeling at home in the exhibition space.

These tone statements were the starting point for a more widely artistic research including multi sensory aspects of sounding museum -, art spaces. (link)

                       Here’s  the original handout (in Dutch):