… sound objects meet single reed …

                   Huisman/van der Putten  

   “Red woollen sound objects meet single reed musical instruments”

2004  in cooperation with musician Bart van der Putten at the Sound Lab of  Intro In Situ, Maastricht.

Working together with experimental single reed player Bart van der Putten, I’ve composed several    “sax sound scapes” for cd  industrial and electronic soundscapes mixed with the bodily sax sounds of Bart and composed  “the single reed sound scape journey” a 40 min. journey through several clarinet soundscapes: clarinet songs in the train station, a clarinet conversation during traveling, a clarinet sirene landscape, etc .

In Sound Lab of Intro Situ, we did performances: live mixing soundscapes through “the red woollen sound blanket connections” (read) with single reed improvisations creating a continual changing multi sensory soundscape journey with pumps, voices, heartbeats, industrial sax sounds and clarinet landscapes.  The sound objects were placed in several spaces of the Sound Lab; the improvisations sounded through whole the building. The public walked through the building, listening and touching the sound sculptures; experience their own “multi sensorial hearing perspective”.

        Huisman/van der Putten  with sound samples.
         (look at “groepen”: Huisman / van der Putten)