“woollen sound shape”

2001   The “woollen sound shape” is made of reused 100 % woollen blanket and is hanging in the middle of the exhibition space. The sounds and soundscapes are audible reflected but can also be felt in different nuances by touching the tactile sound sculptureSometimes it is if the sound is withdrawing into the sculpture. In other moments the sounds are loud and clearly audible and touchable; for example ocean water flowing through the sound sculpture….

Soundscapes are alternated with silence: “ocean sound shape”, “sheep ship sound shape”, “floating sound shape”, “church sound shape”, “kopschroef” (“ship propeller”)

The “woollen sound shape” explores the relationship between (touchable and audible) sounds and (associative) form in the space.

The “woollen sound shape” as a meeting point, a cross point in the space for people sharing their experience of the audible and touchable soundscapes, the felt sensations and triggered associations.

2004    during the  CEM (Centre of Electronic Music) / Ars Acustica – festival in the Veem building and during NDSM Dazzleville exhibition (an old dockyard of Amsterdam). 

2005    Loods 6 on the KNSM island also with soundscapes in the context of sounds and sights of  the old harbours and shipyards of Amsterdam.